This article is dedicated to all those people who have ever played a video game I mean 99.99% of people except your granny. But this is not an article about videogames. This is a video about gamers I mean people who play video games. Why we say in spanish “gamers” if it is in english? Because in […]

When you play blackjack at your favorite online casinos there are many different additional strategies that players follow other than the typical strategy – the one on the card that is. Some players say the dealer always takes the money  – so why no follow what the dealer does?  Well, that way of thinking adds a deceptive ring of truth […]

Wrapping up on sports betting inside today, prolly and Teddy Teddy. We do this whatever sport, why not? The NBA betting, 11 streaks and spots let’s get into it, taken away, let’s start with with spots, and you have a lot of back-to-backs in the NBA sure and when we talk about any a handicapping 101. This […]

Nothing beats a good night out at the pub with friends. Whether you’re playing pool, or just laughing and knocking back a few pints, it pays to have a few tricks up your sleeve to keep things interesting, and cheap, given the wages you’d win. So here are 10 bar tricks you should know to impress others. […]

Casinos! Don’T want you to hear what I’m telling you about that, because South African casinos hide the secrets. Now, almost one year ago, casinos has changed their policies, they implement and code of your ID. So you have your document now. This is my document. Any document have an ID and serial number. Now all casinos […]

The origin of Poker is not clear till date but going in accordance with the assumptions, the origin of this game dates back to around several thousand years. The present game play of poker has undergone many transitions and has gained mass popularity amongst masses all over the world thus breaking the barriers of regional boundaries. Here’s […]

PlaySmart presents Get Your Game On, where we learn how to play Bingo with confidence so that you can have more fun playing. Are you all ready to Get Your Game On? – (Applause) – All right Now let’s welcome Rachel to the stage. – Hello. – Hey, Rachel. Hey, have you ever played Bingo before? Yeah, […]

Hi, everyone welcome to another video of a unbeatable roulette strategy – 100 % success rate yeah right, sorry to disappoint, but that does not exist. Even though I still get comments saying these strategies don’t work, blah blah blah. Yes, I know that. Do I ever say that my strategies are a hundred percent successful, no […]

Hello, my friends, our Monday grant the founder and CEO of roulette how to win calm in all my tutorials. You find some knowledge about casinos and about your life. So if you are a beginner at Roulette and you search how to beat roulette, you must understand that roulette is beated 30 years ago now. I […]

Lean back in your chair and pour yourself a mug of tea. It’s time for today’s brief history lesson. Lots of confusion is surrounding the origins of badugi. Even the name “badugi” is just one of many contenders about what it’s actually called. Often it is referred to as Padookie, Padugi, Badookie, Paldugie, Pakdookie or any suggested […]

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Hi everybody! My name is Mae Bell and I am a proud resident of a little village in the UK called Stoke Poges. It is at the south eastern extremity of Buckinghamshire and is 23 miles west of Hyde Park Corner. I will use this blog to give you my perspective on the games and give you some interesting stories.