Blackjack Strategy – follow the dealer

When you play blackjack at your favorite online casinos there are many different additional strategies that players follow other than the typical strategy – the one on the card that is. Some players say the dealer always takes the money  – so why no follow what the dealer does? 

Well, that way of thinking adds a deceptive ring of truth to our gameplay. After all, the dealer isn’t really even doing anything – he or she is just following the house rules, right? So, players think if they follow what the dealer is doing – they too will win. After all – you even get paid 3 to 2 when you hit a blackjack. All things being even – the money should just come to the player…but things are not even folks. See, the logic behind this thinking gets demolished when we both the dealer and the player bust.

There actually is so real symmetry in this case – the dealer is the winner, not the player. Statistically speaking, the dealer will bust nearly 28.2% of the time. You should copy what the dealer is doing, you would bust 28.2% of the time as well. Additionally, you would be hurt whenever there is a double bust. This happens nearly 8% of the time. Are you seeing the real deal yet? You would have an 8% disadvantage actually. A little help in your favor regarding this stat is that the 2.3% pay off you get from a natural will cut the house advantage down a bit to 5.7%. Is this good enough – no it is not. Casino games in Canada are great fun and the more you really understand about the many facets of gaming strategy – the better off you are.

A few Blackjack options for you

When you are playing Blackjack at online casinos, here are a few options you will be given when playing:

Doubling down: This is when you can double down on any initial two cards you have when playing Blackjack. But, most Internet sites will only let you do this when you are holding an 11 (some even 10, but not often). If you can find a casino that lets you do this on any two cards – play there (excluding Spanish 21).

Splitting: Splitting is a great way to double your earnings. Some Internet sites let you split and re-split – some do not. When you are dealt a pair – you can split them apart making two separate hands – you have to add another bet to the new second hand, but you can also win two times. There are certain pairs you never want to bet because of the statistics involved (read our Blackjack tips fro these recommendations here at PhD).

Doubling down after you split: Should you decide to split your pair of 6s pair and are dealt a 5 on one of them, you can double down at many Net betting spots. Be sure to check into this before you play to see if it is a rule. Again, some will have this opportunity and some will not provide it.

Be sure to get all the interesting rules such as these ahead of time when looking at your next online gambling hot spot on the Net.

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