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PlaySmart presents Get Your Game On, where we learn how to play Bingo with confidence so that you can have more fun playing. Are you all ready to Get Your Game On? – (Applause) – All right Now let’s welcome Rachel to the stage. – Hello. – Hey, Rachel.

Hey, have you ever played Bingo before? Yeah, yeah, I am pretty sure I know how to do it. All right, as you probably know, the object of the game is to be the first person to fill in a specific pattern of letters and numbers on a Bingo card.

– Yes. All right, check that out. What you may not know is that there can be different patterns that you can fill in to win.

Oh, awesome! This big guy carries 75 numbered Bingo balls. Each ball will be called out as they come out, one at a time, until someone wins. – You with me? – I’m with you.

Okay, perfect. Each Bingo card has 25 squares on it, each containing a number between 1 and 75. Plus, one free space in the centre.

Now, at the top of each line are the letters. Say it with me… Both: B-I-N-G-O! Well done.

Just like a pro! (Laugh) Now can you tell me, what is a Bingo book? Oh, I don’t know. All right, a Bingo book is multiple sheets of Bingo cards bound together to be played in a single session. – Got it.

– Now, when I say Bingo, that includes being able to play paper Bingo and electronic Bingo. Just keep in mind, Rachel, if you’re going to play more, you’re going to pay more. – Yes. – Great. Have you ever played at one of OLG’s Charitable Gaming Centres?

No I haven’t, but I actually really want to. Oh, perfect when you arrive, make sure that you ask a Customer Service Representative for a session program. This is a guide to help you keep track of the games that will be played and the patterns required to win. Great. What are the prizes like?

There are two types of prizes that you can win: fixed prizes and progressive prizes. A fixed prize is just what it sounds like. It’s a set prize amount that can be won by a single winner or split amongst multiple winners at the end of every game. – Oh, I like that. And as for progressive jackpots, these are prizes that grow each time a game is played.

If no one wins the progressive jackpot, it gets rolled into the next time the game is played. Okay, totally clear over here. Plus, I got my lucky pen so….

Okay well, you know what, for a Bingo card like this you’re going to need a dauber like this. – There you go. – Thank you. As the numbers are called out, you match a number letter combination, you will mark the cards.

Okay. Like this? Yeah!

Exactly like that. – (Applause) Now, if you’re lucky enough to fill out the pattern first, you get to yell out “Bingo!” – Okay. – (Laugh) – Let me hear you, Rachel!

– All right. – Here we go – Bingo! – Perfect!

Now you’re ready to dab fast and play smart! Let’s do it!

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Hi everybody! My name is Mae Bell and I am a proud resident of a little village in the UK called Stoke Poges. It is at the south eastern extremity of Buckinghamshire and is 23 miles west of Hyde Park Corner. I will use this blog to give you my perspective on the games and give you some interesting stories.