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Hi, everyone welcome to another video of a unbeatable roulette strategy – 100 % success rate yeah right, sorry to disappoint, but that does not exist. Even though I still get comments saying these strategies don’t work, blah blah blah. Yes, I know that. Do I ever say that my strategies are a hundred percent successful, no sorry to disappoint again, but no strategy is 100 % successful, not that I’ve come across anyway. But what I’m trying to present to you is strategies that can work short term now sure short term. Doesn’T mean sitting there for four hours at the casino looking for increasing your bankroll, because to be realistic, that is very hard to do very hard to do with the game of roulette.

So I just wanted to bring that to your attention so short term, especially for this strategy is quite good and technically it’s a 97.3 % win ratio. Now, that’s! If that’s! If, in this in this strategy, the Dozen does appear – because this relates to dozens and sometimes it dozens do not appear for quite a number of spins – it could be twenty plus screens. I paired up to thirty spins, but there’s ways to alleviate that and to minimize that, and yes, this is a progression system.

If you don’t like it, bye-bye go look for that one of those roulette channels that promote 100 % success rate to get views all right. Now I’ve had my rant and rave we’ll get on with it. Okay. Now this strategy is called, quite simply, all dozens. Now we’re going to reviews my very good friend, roulette extreme, because I can show you very quickly how the system works without waiting for the little ball to go round and round.

Okay. Now, let’s have a look I’ll go, bring up the table now some casinos, you can bet a dollar bets, okay on the on the dozens, and sometimes you need to have a minimum of five dollars. So the way around that I’ve done two tables here dollar bets. If you’re able to bet a dollar on a dozen – and you can actually start the starting bit at two dollars, also even on a 5 dollar minimum on the doesn’t, how do we do that?

Well, think about it? What’S the equivalent of betting two dollars on a dozen, it would be two lines or two double streets. I like to call them, so we can’t put five dollars well, two dollars here we put two dollars here, so we can reduce our bet. Okay, very simple, but a lot of people forget that. Okay, in this example just to show you and to keep it simple we’re going to keep it at a dollar as if we’re bet converted dollar.

Now what I use at the casinos they’re, the they called rapid roulette and you could they’re touchscreen, but it’s a lot dealer. So I still like live dealers, because I’ve got in the back of my mind, those ones with a computer girl, a nice girl smiling at you yeah they can. Actually. I don’t know, I don’t trust them, because I’ve seen long stretches of just say no zero appearing.

Like sometimes three four hundred spins, which is quite rare and when I was betting on that, but I was used, an approach which worked, which is fine and I’ve seen dozens that don’t appear for quite a large number of times. So just watch those ones because, to be honest, yes, casinos are fair, but how favor, but there are they, do they actually monitor all the bets and say: okay, lock it all in let’s see what the minimum payout would be, let’s see what the profit would be. Let’S only pay this amount remember we’re dealing with technology, sophisticated technologies. So what to say it doesn’t exist. Who knows right enough baffling and babbling, let’s get on with the strategy.

I use this one use this one to generate a little bit of profit. Don’T sit there for hours and expect to make thousands of dollars? No, you sit there. This will pay for a dinner come out with $ 50. Bang see you later, because I’ve decided that well quite a long time ago, that you cannot make large profits from roulette as a living. Some people can, professor so-called professional, will let players that’s fine, but a majority of us just want to go there.

A bit of fun, make a bit of money and leave. So if you can make a bit of money, that’s fine, but have the attention of leaving with nothing okay. So that’s what you have to have in the back of your mind, if you’re intending to go there to make a profit, sometimes that won’t exists. So always remember: you have to have that money, that’s available to lose okay, unfortunates, a negative mentality, but that’s the way you need to start thinking, because if you think I’m they’re going to make profit today and you don’t you’re going to be very disappointed, so you Have to set your mindset, as you know, okay, I’m taking away $ 200 to the casino I’m going to be wise with it say how long it lasts. If I come out with a profit or five ten percent of what I brought to the casino I’ll, take it see you later all right. That’S my babbling done number two now we’ll get into the strategy.

Okay, so we’re doing the good thing about this strategy. We can start and stop well almost whenever we like, because, as you know, dozens should appear well. Every three three spins probability was because there’s obviously one two three thirds, so I saw this actually on another YouTube video. I thought.

Oh, this is quite good. How can we modify it to have a lower risk and I’ll show you that modification, which is very easy? It just means you might be sitting around for a bit longer. Okay, let’s get into it so look at the table, as you can see we’re allowing for 15 losses on a zero sorry on a dozen zero. I would obviously create a loss for dozens because we’re not betting on the zero.

Now. The good thing about this system is, whenever we’re not betting on one dozen okay, which may not appear for significant amount of time, we’re not betting on two dozens, which is crop quite risky, but we’re betting on all dozens. So if one dozen isn’t coming out, the other dozens, our profit are compensating for that dozen, that isn’t appearing so the loss can be a bit lower because I believe that makes sense.

Okay, so let’s have a look now. The method I’ll use is we’re going to bet every dozen all the time. Okay, this is the main method, but a modification would be to wait a certain number of spins before we start betting, that dozen and obviously the profit there would be probably less over time, but you know there’s less risk, so there’s positives and negatives switch type of System of course, so let’s get into it. So, let’s spin so we’ve come to the casino you can start at any time. Eighteen came out so we’re betting one unit according to the table because look at the one unit bets on the second dozen spin again. Okay, that one so actually one two units now when that hits whenever it whenever it hits again, we bet on that dozen, so it’ll make more sense.

When we go through the example but you’ll see our bankroll build-up, usually a two to one ratio so for every dollar bet, you should expect to well your bankroll to double overtime. Alright, so we bet again, we don’t raise it. We won. We only raise if that, if it hits on another dozen, but remember we’re going to actually bet on all dozens eventually when they hit so we’re just starting off a now okay, so the second dozen lost so we’re adding another unit. According to our one unit table, then we’re betting another unit here, because that’s our four bet on a dozen three dozen one, let’s spin again that doesn’t want that doesn’t did winner, so that stays at one. This one didn’t hit again, so you move on to three units, so the table indicates that you’ll always be in profit, a certain amount, sometimes three units, two units or one unit, so you’re always going to get a profit when that hits eventually and we’ll deal with.

When it doesn’t here, let’s do a spin okay, so both of those dozens didn’t win now the third dozen comes into play. So now we’re going to be dealing with all dozens all the time until we decide to leave which I’ll show you how we can exit. So one you did here now, one unit here, look at the table: the fourth spin four units on this one; okay, the second dozen one. So now we go back to one unit, this dud dozen didn’t win three units here.

This doesn’t in this bit of a tug to say this dozen that didn’t win. That’S a second unit here, okay, the first dozen won back to one unit here, two units here, three units here, so what you’re doing is just compounding and adding on another unit. Well, according to the table, whatever the next number units will be to add on now, if I like, I could stop here and say: okay, two units, I’ve won: let’s stop because you’re still improper, don’t you because we started at zero here now that one again so We’Ve got to add a unit on here and add you know the unit on here, so this is now up to the fourth spin without a hit on dozen three okay that hit again. That’S fine. We add a unit on here another unit on here. Actually two units on here, because when it’s the fifth spin, we actually had two knit units to be able to get in profit in this case to give us two units profit on this third dozen.

So here we go. Okay, this dozen won back to one here two here, this one’s accumulating nine. So, as you can see it’s building up because the third dozen isn’t hitting, but you know we allow 15 spins which can get up there.

I mean that’s a crazy amount. Three forty dollars. Fifteen spins we’re betting for that doesn’t a hit, so you might just want to cut off it. You know eleven twelve, even twelve 100 hundred units, but the other method is we actually wait? Probably well. A conservative is six spins waiting for that, for it does not hit before starting.

You know, you’re betting or aggressive is waiting three spins. Okay. I call it aggressive you’re waiting three spins, but that doesn’t not to hit to start betting. So then, on the fourth spin of that doesn’t so have it hasn’t hit for the third doesn’t have it hasn’t hit for three spins, then you start betting on it.

Okay, so that just gives you a few more spins to allow for those dozens that doesn’t it doesn’t hit okay anyway, we’ll keep going we’ll try to get to a profit of ten to suck the video that is much too long. Okay, that’s a bad one! For us, because that’s a zero add one on there add one on there and now this one’s increasing significantly so we’re going to 13 still, okay, so not too bad.

First dozen hits back to there three on there, thirteen move to twenty. Now it will move up. Quite aggressively now, so we really want to hit on the on the third dozen okay that hit, because that hasn’t been hit. Four one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight about eight spins, so that’s that’s reasonable and when that has hit, I mean look at that. You still got 13 units profit, so this goes back down to one now. This goes to four.

This goes to two, so you can see how it works so as soon as it hits you go back to one unit, okay, this one’s to six, this one’s to alright. So, as you can see there, we want. We want the larger units where we’re betting on for that dozen to hit, so it doesn’t get too high. So obviously the downfall of the system would be if one of the dozens doesn’t hit, which can happen. But if you’re doing playing for a short amount of time, is that a problem, probably not because the not going to occur? That often is it and if we’re allowing for you know, even if you were conservative, allow ten spins and if you wait for five spins okay, so you determine when you want to start, but that’s a bit of waiting time, but I’m quite happy with those with With this system, to be honest, let’s do one more and then I’ll show you how to close all dozens and still get profits for all dozens that goes up to three.

All right, third doesn’t mean the only one who would decide. Okay, we want to get out of here now we can take that profit or we want to maximize their profit and wait for the other dozens to hit. So we don’t actually bet on this dozen anymore. Dozen three is gone. Okay, you know. I can’t remember whether I added the unit – because I was talking but just assume I didn’t.

I think I didn’t, because that was once and that’s too so. Let’S have a look. We’Ve got ta wait for these dozen zero okay! That’S fine! Either unit on. For these two that doesn’t hit take it away now.

That’S that’s in profit. Add another zero another unit on this one missed so waiting for dozen two to hit more than likely it’s going to give me a hard time, 13 units, twenty units – okay, hit. Thirty two profit thing: there’s my dinner come back later and maybe answer deed of the 50 units max, but don’t stay there too long, because there’s going to be an instance where you know it may go about fifteen to twenty spins but again to be conservative. You just wait those number of spins before you start bidding so a great little system.

I like it, it’s interesting, you wouldn’t think it would be successful, but it is give us a like or dislike. Let us know what you think of this system. Any comments that tell me okay, this is a bad system. That’S fine!

But I’m happy with it. You do some research. Do some spins do some practice spins there you go. You make this decision, but it’s another system out there. I use it.

Occasionally I get a bit of proper, get it out, thanks for watching

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