The history behind the great game

The origin of Poker is not clear till date but going in accordance with the assumptions, the origin of this game dates back to around several thousand years. The present game play of poker has undergone many transitions and has gained mass popularity amongst masses all over the world thus breaking the barriers of regional boundaries. Here’s our history of poker.

The game of Poker was once known as the game of pirates, thieves, and was assumed to be a game for people who lacked moral ethics. It was a common site to see poker being played in smoke filled rooms in street side clubs but the whole scenario has changed now and owing to several world poker championships it has now been given a status of a “skill game”.

In ancient time poker was played with real money, later on clay poker chips were used as monetary tokens eventually to be replaced by metallic and plastic chips. The traditional betting still remains the same with slight variations in the game play. There are various anticipations as to why the game is named Poker, some of them being:

– The name could be after pickpocket who used to play them extensively.
– Could have originated from the India game, Pukka featuring same rules.
– Could be derived from a French word Poque.

There are situations when you do not really obtain a free card in Poker. When you are implementing the method of betting or boost the stakes in order to graduate to the next level. As you have heard a popular saying nothing comes free in life. The same applies here. Think about it.The card is not actually free. It has cost you a bet in the prior round.

The free card may turn out to be a very costly card for players. What would happen if other players may choose to re-raise the stakes and bet? Obtaining a cheap card is beneficial especially when you have very standard cards. But if you have a genuine hand it is generally a vice to give free cards as it helps your opponent to quit. This strategy is applied by poker players to eliminate competition.

Irrespective of the origin of the game, Poker is played extensively around the world and has found an eminent place in casinos and owing to internet the game can be played online too. The present age poker is played with a deck of 52 cards.

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