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Hello, my friends, our Monday grant the founder and CEO of roulette how to win calm in all my tutorials. You find some knowledge about casinos and about your life. So if you are a beginner at Roulette and you search how to beat roulette, you must understand that roulette is beated 30 years ago now. I know from people who have beated roulette for many years now, 16 years, which I studied the rule. In my cases I did roulette from 11 years now, but you see everything connected with casinos, it’s a subject which nobody talks about. I always told you that, even in my entourage, there are people who are playing at Roulette aggressively and they are losing money, and I cannot help them because they are not searching for how to beat roulette.

So for that kind of people who doesn’t search how to beat red, how to discover the secret it’s impossible to connect them to discover the secret, so in their own imagination, roulette cannot be beaten because they are not searching how to be drug fault. Of that. We cannot help everybody to be well. There are so many casinos which are very good casinos, most of the casinos. They have a good reputation now from this kind of casinos. You can make tons and tons of money, because here they are losing many people, money, so fault of that that many people lose money.

Has you know half and percentage which they can giving you back all right? They don’t like to give money to professional roulette gamblers, but they don’t know where and which is roulette professional gambler. What they can do is to find, after the history that you have catching out fifty thousand euro. Now, in the moment you have cashing out fifty thousand euro. They will know that is very hard to take money from you so like that they banned you, but this kind of stuff.

You know that if you have watched my tutorials in my country, there are fifteen casinos, which are very, very good. All casinos give money to the to the gamblers, but there are not so many roulette professional gamblers so fault of that we, the people who are professional. We can make tons of money, so roulette is not something very hard for you who are a beginner and you didn’t study roulette.

It’S obvious. That is very hard. It’S impossible to beat it’s impossible to understand roulette, because this is not your leash. Just think about in something which you are very good, maybe you are good in creating a website. Not everybody knows to create a website. Maybe you are good to be achieved to make dinner to cook.

So you see that there are many niches in which people are good, but don’t believe that if you are good in some niche everybody else they are good too. So it’s the same with related. I am good in roulette, but that doesn’t mean that everybody are good in roulette so because they are not knowing what is the secret of your life.

They talk it’s impossible to be delayed, but this is because they are stupid because they don’t understand that. This is something in which they are not prepared. So if you are not prepared in this niche, you cannot admit something about that thing. So this is the stupidity where I try to explain to you guys, don’t be a stupid person. So if you don’t know a thing, don’t think that somebody else is not good.

We reach the moon, nobody knows how to go to moon, but we see that there are many people who goes to the moon, so that doesn’t mean that that is not possible to go to the moon. All of that you need one thing: you don’t have to pay nothing to me. You don’t have to buy something for me. You need to watch my tutorials on YouTube.

I have several channels on YouTube. If you write booze on Adrienne, roulette, you’re gon na find tons and tons of knowledge, so what you see that knowledge? You start to study my YouTube videos. Now, in the tutorials from YouTube, I don’t showing you how to be read in long run, you need to buy one of my programs to play on real money, but what you can learn is how I become a relative or a professional gambler, because my story can Help you to understand why I’d be glad and as always I tell you if I’m able to beat red with my help, you will gon na be too late. So it’s simple roulette is very simple, but just give your time to study roulette. So in the beginning, put some money on your side: don’t buy a phone, don’t buy a Playstation, don’t buy a plasma TV put money on your side, save some money and vest in my program because everything you invest in my DVD in the fact you invest in Yourself now, if you lose Abdulla 30,000 50,000 euro, that doesn’t mean that you are a red professional gambler.

So if you play a true-life from ten years now, and you still lose money at Roulette that doesn’t make you a real a professional gambler, you become a real, a professional gambler when you study roulette, not when you play roulette and with my health, will be very Easy because, as I told you in the past, there are hundreds of ways in which you can play a red, but there is only one way in which you can be tracked, so find it that one way the true length is very hard. If you go on your loan, it will take you minimum five years, but, as always, I told you I can help you. This is the most important thing that I can do something for you watch my tutorials. I invite you on my Facebook on my skype on my email and start making money and change something in your life, because if you do the same thing over and over again in your life, you will not become a rich person. Alright, so you will not become a rich person, because being a rich person means very hard work. Most of the work you are doing its investing in yourself now people who doesn’t have money, they don’t have money because they don’t invest in themselves.

They invest in somebody else, so let me explain you about gamblers, who are losing money at Roulette. They take 5000 10000 20000 euros and they go in casino and they are losing the money thinking that maybe they have luck. They don’t invest in themselves because when you are playing aggressively, you invest in the casino owner, so casino owner will take your money. But in the moment, when you take 5000 euro and you invest in my DVD, you start to study something.

So you will study something and it will be very hard to lose money after that, because having the secret of roulette, you can’t lose any more now. I am NOT able to explain in you how it is because you need to pay me to giving you the right words, because this is the secret. You need to pay for the secret, because you will gon na make money with my secret. So thought of that. You must understand, then. This is why I cannot explain you why I am telling you that I win at Roulette, because you see me – and I telling you that I win at Roulette, but you still don’t realize how I do it now to know how I do it save money and Invest in yourself because in the moment you start and invest in yourself, you will develop a knowledge, don’t go in casinos with 10000 euro and play on your lock, because lock is for 50 minutes.

You cannot base yourself or rely yourself or not in long run. Roulette cannot giving you money if you are thinking on the unlock roulette. It’S a computer, so it’s very, very important justic about like AI, artificial intelligence.

It’S intelligent because it’s a computer, he think much faster than everybody else, because it’s a computer. If I tell you right now how much money you win, if you put 1337 euros on one number, you don’t know the result, but he knows in the split of second. He knows how much money you win.

So from that, you can understand that you are not prepared, like roulette is prepared, so you need to be prepared to beat red, and this is what I give it to you inside members area. This is what you learn: how to be prepared. Each move. You are making in roulette when you are gaming to win to be prepared, because you cannot rely on luck. Every time you are playing. A black lock is only for 50 minutes.

Think about studied roulette watch my tutorials on YouTube, and you will see that I am right because I know what I’m talking about this is why I’m here and as always over and over again, you tell me why I’m selling my secrets well, I need to sell My secrets because, like that, I save many people for losing money losing houses on address, because if I’m not doing this help to you, you will lose money and you will lose hope that is possible. So this is why I am here because you don’t take money from me, I giving you the secret and you can play on your own casinos worldwide. Whatever you like to play, you can play, you don’t take money from me, but for all my world which I’ve done in the past. This is the price you need to pay, because I, given you this knowledge, you were gon na, learn and play like. I do and you can make money from roulette, so it’s obvious the time I need to asking you money for this kind of DVD, because you make money with the DVD.

This is the first step now the second step, agian, why? You don’t let comments on YouTube? So if you watch my channels, all my channels doesn’t have comments enabled now you need to understand that when I send you the DVD, you receive some folders. So it’s a program. It’S a DVD video tutorials. Now, if I enable the comments, I risk that you who bought the DVD you make deals with somebody else so like that.

I cannot connect you between you guys, because if I’d left, the comments open, you were gon na tell I bought the DVD. Somebody else began contacting you asking the DVD, so I cannot connect you guys between you guys, because you will share my DVD between you, so I I cannot give you this power alright. This is why I disable the comments you need to have only contact with me. Not with the rest of the students because, like that, I risk that you exchange the DVD between gamblers. So this is not right.

Everybody who wants my DVD mask to pay so don’t think that I’m not able and don’t let comments for anything else. For any other reason, because there is an option where I can, let you the comments and I can approve only the comments which I want to approve, but I’m not doing that alright. So in the YouTube I have an option where I can choose which comment. I can let him see it on YouTube or not, but I’m not doing that, because I am NOT interesting to letting you only the good comments.

I block the comments because I don’t want that. You share my DVD with somebody else. If you wan na have the DVD, you must buy the DVD now, even if you share the DVD between you, it’s a problem, because if you don’t have my assistance, you lose money, and this is why I do that, because I give you the DVD. You share your DVD to somebody else, but you don’t have the knowledge and resistance for somebody else. If you share the DVD to somebody else, you it would lose the money and it will spread all over the internet. Well, I journal DVD is not good.

It’S not like that because when you buy my DVD, I have one two three months time when I assist in you, I asked I answered you to your questions. I talking about the program I play with you to showing you how it works. So this kind of stuff it takes me time so to not confuse everybody.

I disable the comments so like that we don’t have any problem once you want to buy something from me. You contact me directly and I giving you the DVD, because in a moment and when you pay the DVD you even my assistants, you will play even with me and you were gon na. Have all the question/answer good luck!

My friends, if I make it with my help, you can make it!

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