Types of Gamers

This article is dedicated to all those people who have ever played a video game I mean 99.99% of people except your granny. But this is not an article about videogames. This is a video about gamers I mean people who play video games. Why we say in spanish “gamers” if it is in english? Because in english sounds cool. One of the first things I learned When I started playing videogames Is that no matter how hard you try How much practice Every time you raisins the game Super Mega Ultra Difficult level God Chuck Norris When you start to play online everybody kills you in one second “After spending 1000 times this game in difficult is time to play online!

Another thing I learned to play online It is that people can be very cruel. Especially eight years old children. What happened with the kids? Things have changed too Because the greatest insult when I was little was to show the tongue to someone the videogame world. There are many types of gamers Some good some bad some Chinese. But in this article, we will mention the most typical Types of gamers!

The noob Is the one who has no idea what to do. And if you know how to play He will make you millions and millions to questions Hey! Which is the jump button? Hey! Which is my team, the red or the blue Hey! How do I put pause the game? “You can’t pause the game, you are playing online” What if I want to go to the bathroom?

The talker Is that when you play online is always talking, always has a f*cking comment to say. Well, at least that’s acceptable.

This guy does absolutely nothing is that one that stays in a corner the whole game doesn´t walk doesn’t recharge he doesn’t move any single damn muscle he only stays there expecting for a victim waiting for someone to pass in front of him. As the name says is the gamer that only plays Minecraft, lives Minecraft, breaths Minecraft, smells like Minecraft, eats food …obviously, he is not going to eat a videogame… ladies and gentlemen with you the best Minecraft player of the world And tell me, what’s your name?

Steve, How many hours do you play Minecraft for a day?

About 20 hours or so so we could say that Minecraft is your favorite video game? yes, yes i’ts my favorite game I personally like a lot more Call of Duty I don’t know, it entertains me more, I think i’ts a better game and the truth is that… …hey, where do you go? Let’s play GTA V? What is that? Long Live Mario Bros! The bad loser The one that doesn’t like to lose and when he loses he always has some justification Whoa! I finally won you!

Do you know a friend that is any of these gamers?

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